DBE Program

The federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise program is all about securing equal opportunity in business. Funded through the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), the program helps businesses classified as small, woman-owned or disadvantaged to compete in a fair environment right alongside larger corporations. Broaden your business opportunities.  Apply for your DBE certification today. 

Read our DBE Permanent Program Plan (.pdf 461KB) (updated June 2012) for more information.   Please note that Attachment B in this plan refers to the DBE Application listed below under 'FORMS'.     

NDOT's current Disparity Study was completed in December, 2013.  We encourage you to read and become familiar with its findings.  For those not interested in reading the entire report, you may go to Chapter 7 for the actual disparity analysis.  Our disparity study helps NDOT develop the information needed to effectively operate the disadvantaged business enterprise program. 

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is proposing an overall goal of seven percent (7%) for its Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program for Federal Fiscal Years 2014-2016. The goal and the rationale for establishing it are available for inspection during normal business hours at NDOT for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of this publication. Comments on the proposed overall goal will be accepted for a period of forty-five (45)days from the date of this publication.


We encourage firms to submit their certification application online.  Whether it's a new application or Annual No Change Affidavit, you can now complete your application and submit all your documents online with our new Compliance and Certification Management System.

To begin, please click on the following link:      Online DBE Application

If you are unable to complete an online application, please contact our office at: Nevada Department of Transportation, External Civil Rights and Contract Compliance Division, 1263 So. Stewart Street, Carson City, NV 89712, (775) 888-7497 for assistance.


  1. Online DBE Application for the Unified Certification Program with Personal Financial Statement Form 
    Refer to Code of Federal Regulation 49 Part 26 for updates to this application

  2. Commercially Useful Function Checklist .pdf 100KB


  1. What is the mission of the Nevada DBE Program?
  2. Who can be certified? Why should I consider DBE certification? nevadadbe.com certification?
  3. What is the criteria to become DBE certified?
  4. Do you have a separate WBE/MBE Program?
  5. How long is the certification process from start to finish?
  6. What is the Nevada Unified Certification Program?

Q: What is the mission of the Nevada DBE Program?

A: In an effort to eliminate inequalities, each state’s Department of Transportation administers the DBE program with one DBE officer presiding as a liaison officer. Here in Nevada, that DBE liaison officer is Sonnie Braih. He and his staff have a dedicated goal to help eligible businesses become DBE-certified so they can become part of the Nevada Unified Certification Program and participate on federally funded highway construction contracts and other projects shoulder-to-shoulder with major corporations.

You’ll find the DBE’s current procedures and regulations clear, specific and fair. Here are the main factors to determine if you can apply and take advantage of this beneficial government program.


Q: Who can be certified? Why should I consider DBE certification? What are the steps to certification?
We've dedicated a website page to answer these specific questions about Who Can Be Certified.


Q: What are the criteria to become DBE certified?
The criteria is:

  • Personal net worth must be less than $1,320,000.00, excludes the primary residence
  • Meet the small business cap by NAICS Code
  • See CFR Title 49, Part 26 for additional information


Q: Do you have a separate WBE/MBE Program?
A: No, it all falls under the same umbrella as the DBE Program.


Q: How long is the certification process from start to finish?
 Approximately 4-6 weeks, not to exceed 90 days pursuant to CFR Title 49, Part 26.83 (k).


Q: What is the Nevada Unified Certification Program?
A: The Nevada Unified Certification Program (UCP) is a cooperative effort by all of the U.S. Department of Transportation recipients in the state to provide a one-stop shop for all DBE firms and those looking to do business with Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certified firms. The Nevada UCP is comprised of the Nevada Department of Transportation, the Regional Transportation Commissions (RTC) for Washoe and Clark Counties and the Reno/Tahoe and McCarran Airports.

The Nevada Department of Transportation and the two airports accept DBE applications and conduct certification reviews including on-site visits. Once the reviews are completed, the UCP meets once a month and certifies eligible firms. The agency that processes your application will be the agency you contact for all questions you have regarding your certification. However, your certification will be valid for all of the agencies in the UCP. For example if you are certified with NDOT you can use that certification to bid on a job with McCarran Airport or any of the other agencies.

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Vendor List is available on this website, is fully searchable and can be downloaded in PDF format.

Contact numbers for all of the UCP participants are listed below:

  • State of Nevada Department of Transportation – NDOT 775-888-7497
  • Regional Transportation Commissions of Washoe County 775-348-0400
  • Regional Transportation Commissions of Southern Nevada 702-676-1500
  • McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada 702-261-5161
  • Reno Tahoe Airport Authorities 775-328-6421