Who Can Be Certified

Please click here to see guidelines on who can be certified as a DBE through the Nevada Unified Certification Program

Why should I consider DBE certification?
The main reason to get certified is so you can bid on projects in a fair, competitive environment. When you are certified in Nevada with the Nevada Department of Transportation, you will also be certified with the Regional Transportation Commissions of Washoe and Clark counties as well as Airport authorities in Las Vegas and Reno—hence, the Nevada Unified Certification Program.

Projects are not all highway construction related. Other project types could include right-of-way services (buying land to put highways on), demolition, property appraisals to estimate value on land we consider buying, consulting services, graphic/web design, etc.

You can discover the latest contracts open for bids right on our site. The project is described along with additional information, such as who is bidding on the job. We also offer training opportunities via the small business development center with offices in Las Vegas and Reno, among other places. Typically offered free of charge to DBE-certified firms, training covers everything from construction-related topics to general business subjects, such as how to be a savvy businessperson. And the good news is anyone on your staff can take the training. For your convenience, we also have Spanish-speaking personnel available.